Home Depot is proud to sell you Ridgid tools and sell you on the lifetime warranty if you register the tool(s) within the 90 days. I recently had two batteries fail and brought them to the local store. The manager of the power tools gave me a list of repair depots (closest being about 45 min away). In discussing why they did not honour their warranty, he informed me it is a manufacture’s warranty. I inquired why they would sell a product they don’t warranty or at least accept the warranty claim and send it off. He told me he would do that but it would cost me $75 each way for shipping. He seemed happy to state that they have a 90 day money back guantee which he suggested that many people use and sarcastically stated if that was fair to HD…? Of note- the lifetime guarantee is only offered for Ridgid tools bought at HD!!! Home Depot is the main supplier of Ridgid power tools so with that they should be responsible to warranty the product. I called up one of the ‘list’ of repair depots and they haven’t done Ridgid repairs for over a year- he went on to tell why they don’t and a long list of reasons it was but basically very poorly supported and lots of product issues. I found a repair depot- of course only open M-F banker hours so how am I to drive an hour without taking time off work. End result- don’t bother with buying Ridgid from Home Depot unless you have a lot of extra time to get the warranty you paid for. BTW- the batteries are not in stock so I need to bring the whole kit for testing and then they will order the battery. It will take several weeks… good thing I bought Bosch drills from a real tool supplier so that I have a drill to use while I wait for the outcome of the Ridgid crap… If I could get my money back, I would.

abbotsford, British Columbia Canada


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