I have a Home Depot Credit card with three promotional balances and a revolving account that I always pay off every month. In my June statement i has a promotional balance due on the 20 for $500 and change and purchases I made that month for $500. I paid $1000 to clear the revolving charges to avoid finance charges and to pay of deferred account due on the 20th. I received my bill due in July, and paid the revolving and promotional balance that was due on that statement. To be honest I did not carefully examine the bill. My August bill arrived with finance charges that i did not understand. I called Home Depot credit services as I did not understand why I was getting finance charges. The same with my September bill. After 3 calls for an explanation, each time they assured me they would call me back after they investigated the issue (no call back ever happened). I finally examined my bills and found the issue. nI June instead of applying my payment to my revolving charges and my ending promotional item, they applied the remainder of the payment to an upcoming promotional balance due the next month. This lest we with a revolving balance that occurred finance charges. When I spoke with customer support they placed the entire blame on me for not examining my bill closely. I asked them why they applied my payment to a promotional balance that was not due they stated they have the right to do that, if a promotional balance was coming due within 2 billing cycles. They claimed that information was on the bill, however the person corrected herself and said oh we can mail you that information. If I wanted part of the payment to go to revolving charges I needed to let them know. nTo add insult she stated that it was after 60 days and the promotion was over so there was nothing she could do and again she emphasized that is was my fault! Both people I spoke with were rude and condescending.nThis is pure ripoff to get customers to pay finance charges. nI have been a Home Depot customer for 10+ years and never have been treated so badly by customer service.

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