We are repairing our home due to extensive damages caused by Hurricane Wilma. In doing so we special ordered a new front door from Home Depot together with all new hardware, etc. nFirst, the wrong door arrived (missing speakeasy) we were told to purchase the speak easy and then Home Depot would install free of charge as it was their error that it did not come as ordered. Then, low and behold, our contractor tells us the door is not hurricane rated, that it would not pass permit inspection. nWhen we confronted Depot about all these problems it has been their position to remain absolutely SILENT. They have faile and refused to do anything whatesoever. We paid them in excess of $1,500 for the door and have discovered that the young woman who sold it to us has had over $100,000 in returns for bad orders in the past year. nNow we are stuck with a door (beautiful) but totally unsafe and can’t use. I am in the process of trying to have my charge reversed. nSuzannenHallandale Beach, FloridaU.S.A.

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