In December of 2012 Home Depot intallers layed about $6,000 worth of carpet in a new home we purchased. The installers were very nice and explained everything we needed to know about this carpet, which happened to be one of Home Depot’s best. We were told as long as we cleaned our carpeting once a year we had a life time warranty. November 2013 we had every rug in our home cleaned for the holidays. During the year of 2013 we began to see the seem lines in the carpeting, we just thought it was from Vacuuming. To make a long story short, in October 2013 our basement, which was just finished, was flooded. A crack in the foundation was discovered in our crawlspace. My office was flooded and we had to rip walls down to stop the mold. In 2014 we notice the living carpet seam is coming apart. I go to Home Depot, I know most of the guys there because I have been fixing my home for 2 years and spent of $25,000 there. They report it and the very same guys that installed the carpet returned. They took photos and then showed me that the seam tape was still fastened to the mesh bu the carpet was separating from the mesh. They explained it was defective, between us they told me that they seen this many times before. They told me they would file the report and show the puctures. They did file the report and did all they were suposed to do. I call Home Depot 5 times and finally a manager calls me back after I threatened to drop $4000 worth of 2 x 6 decking I just purchased in front of their store. The manager explains he cannot even talk to me unless I have 2 years worth of cleaning receipts. I told him I know I had 1 year, but because of the flood I didn’t think we did the second year. He flat out said he cannot do anything for me. Something about the Mill where the carpet is made needs to see the cleaning receipts. I counter with the fact the carpet is defective and if I cleaned it 10 times it wouldn’t change that fact. I call the Head Office, they ran the same thing on me. I said if this was a case where someone was injured the warranty wouldn’t mean a thing and you selling me a defective carpet would be responsible. It was like speaking to a wall. Now I am stuck with this carpet and I cannot believe I cannot get any help here. I put a complaint in with NC Gov and heard nothing. I NEED SOME HELP WITH THIS! I really do not have the money to change out the carpet. I even went as far as to say, Give me a wood floor and I’ll pay the difference. NO HELP FROM THE HOME DEPOT!!!

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