Home Depot had an advertised price of $799.00 for an LG electric range Model LRE3023 in white. The sale was up until 4/06/2013. On 4/06/2013 It was available on the 4th but I was out of town. On 4/06/2013, the last day of the sale, I proceeded to purchase the item,but It showed out of stock. I checked back on 4/09/2013 and it was back in stock at a higher price $854.00. I decided to buy it last night at aprox 9:00PM Eastern. During the checkout I decided to check with the Home Depot “chat”” to ask why the price change. I was told the $799.00 sale was over

so even though I tried to buy it on 4/06/2013 I could not get that price. So I said OK I will buy it for $854.00. The “”chat”” person said it was out of stock again (4/10/2013 last day). So I checked this morning and guess what

I can now buy it for $949.00

$150.00 more than the price at the time of my first attemp at purchasing on 4/06/2013 (the last day of the 799.00 sale) This seems like bait and swith type run arround to me.”

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