This company tries to replace appliances when under warranty with the cheapest replacement possible. If you have a washer that is of high quality they will try to get you to agree on the cheapest model GE offers with non of the features that create a good washer. On top of everything else they swear they do not have to replace with the same machine when the policy states a comparable machine. i believe the word comparable means the same features. Well not to them! And I was bullied to boot by their rep bold face telling me their policy said no such thing as I held it in my hands. Have currently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and to my unbelieving eyes the BBB gave them and A+ rating with 813 complaints filed against them in the last 3 years with 143 of those complaints not being satisfied in the last year. I guess a rating with BBB can even be bought as well. Now on to Consumer Reports.

1625 NW 136 Ave., Bldg. E, #200 Fort Lauderdale, F Ft. Lauderdale, Florida United States of America

1625 NW 136 Ave., Bldg. E

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