Selling coins with a non existant guarantee


My Complaint: Mike Mezack has been a spokesman for the Home Shopping Network for many years. He is not an actual employee of HSN but they apparently allow him to say anything he wants in order to sell coins that benefit both Mezack and Home Shopping Network. For several years he was selling ICG graded coins and claimed that the perfectly graded coins were “Guaranteed for Perpetuity” which is why I bought the coins and perhaps the other hundreds of thousands of customers did also. I called the coin grading company which was owned by Tampa Gold Dealer Mark Yaffe. The lady I spoke with is Libby Dollar. She said she had never heard of such a “Guarantee of Perpetuity” on any coins they graded. I also called Home Shopping Network who Mike Mezack sold his coins on their “Coin Collector” show. They also denied knowing of any such “Guarantee For Perpetuity” on any of the coins Mr. Mezack was selling. I believe that he also offered this fraudulent guarantee. I did not check with them, though. I believe that Mike Mezack sold tens of millions of dollars, if not a hundred million dollars worth of coins over the years using this non existant guarantee. I complained to HSN about this deceptive practice and in the last year or so, Mr Mezack suddenly stopped using this bogus claim. I believe he cheated thousands of customers out of money because of this false guarantee. Alan Skantz was his selling partner for many years on HSN can definitely testify to th the fact that Mr Mezack offered this bogus guarantee and perhaps also offer some insight as to how Mr. Mezack was able to acquire so many perfectly graded coins that sell at a handsome premium. I bout a number of coins from him over the years and sent 10 coins back to a grading company who informed me that they had incorrectly graded 7 out of the 10 coins that were graded perfect. The difference between a perfectly graded coin and a lesser grade is SUBSTANTIAL. Mr. Mezacks reputation in the coin industry is suspect. Please look into this as I believe that it could involve close to one hundred million dollars in profits that was because of the false guarantee and purposely overgraded coins by companies Mr. Mezack dealt with.


My Demand: I believe that HSN should publicly acknowledge the fraud that took place and offer full refunds to any customer with that Guarantee