Complaint: I had just got home from work when a couple young men showed up at my door with the ‘your neighbor just bought this great meat package and wanted her neighbors to get the same great deal’……Wow, when I said I didnt have the money, they dropped the price. I ended up spending 400.00 for both steak and chicken packages. A couple nights after that, my husband cooks the chicken and we were a bit disappointed in the taste and my son ended up with some stomach issues. We didnt try anything again for a few weeks later and then tried the steaks and on top of the fact that it was tough, gritty and small, we all ended up with stomach issues for the next couple days. It was at that time we figured out the common denominator in all of us getting sick was the meat!!!!! I pulled out the receipt to find out the ‘1 year guarantee’ does not cover getting a refund of money, but to just get replacement meat…..why would I want to replace bad meat with more bad meat????? I cant recover any of my money but I can at least warn other people to not buy meat from the back of a truck, saying it outloud sounds crazy, but yes DONT BUY MEAT FROM THE BACK OF A TRUCK!

Tags: Restaurant Delivery Services

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