Complaint: Avoid this man and this company at all costs, lies to your face warning he is Jehova Witness wonder why they come to your house after you are in your HOmes by Herb, cause he sends them. This guy is a jerk, a fraud, is predjudice, a *with no backbone and will not do you right. Proceed with caution and be prepared to be screwed. Wonder why no windows match or you have no screens well when you buy sescods and pass them off as firsts thats why and when you meet his lovely b* of a bride stand back remember the space ship is only taking a few of them back to the mother land and all the rest of us are going to die and she sure thinks she is on it. absolute worst experience of my life and the most uneducated backwards fraudulant couple you could ever deal with. stay away or be prepared to get massively screwed. no compassion and an idiot. good luck.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: summit drive grove , Oklahoma USA