Complaint: To begin I feel guilty for not reporting this company sooner. I selfishly was afraid of jeopardizing getting any future warranty repair work performed. My wife and I purchased our home in 2006 and took occupancy in the spring of 2007. The first night in our home a drain in the laundry room caused a minor flood. One of the bathrooms had a broken flange on the toilet. The hose bib on the exterior was mounted six feet high on my foundation (my wife didn’t appreciate that). To HBV’s (Homes By Vanderbuilt) credit they sent a plumber out to fix the plumbing issues. The exterior siding that was installed on my home had to be completely removed and reinstalled because the wrong trim was installed (standard j channel was used instead of 4 inch lineals). I had to have a dormer window replaced because of a bad seal. The carpet had to be replaced because the padding and debris was clumped in areas underneath of the carpet. Also very bad seams in the carpet. The roofers had to come out and repair leaks at least four times (conservative estimate over 4 years). A screw was run up in the drywall ceiling into a bathroom vent pipe (this caused a mysterious leak over the header in the bathroom that took at least three service calls over a six month period to find and repair). The front porch on our house had to have the 4×4 supports relocated because they were orig installed way off center of the brick columns. We’ve had electrical switches and receptacles that had to be replaced. The finish carpentry left a lot to be desired and has required an annual joint filling. HBV has gone above and beyond in fixing flaws beyond their 1 year warranty. I ask you as a new home owner should you have this much to fix on a new home? I have fixed numerous small things myself. I’m so glad I used my own mason to build my foundation and I’m a HVAC contractor, so I did my own HVAC system or I probably would have an even longer list. I found out today that my water heater went up and to HBV’s credit they came out and diagnosed it and told my wife that we have to deal the manufacture for a replacement and that they, could recommend some plumbers that we could pay to install the new W/H. The manufacture told my wife that we have to remove the water heater first and bring it to a Rheem dealer so they can make a warranty decision.(replacing a water heater after only four years use, Really?) Oh and by the way while the tech was looking at the water heater he discovered that I had another leak in the bathroom. The tech took care of that leak. HBV has a 1 year warranty, I will give them credit, they have went way beyond that 1 year to remedy these issues, that was until today with the water heater. Dealing with the service dept. has been mostly helpful. I know warranty work cuts into the profit margin but I’m the customer and thats HBV’s problem that should be handled by proper quality control and supervision. I expected when I bought my home from HBV that with it being new I wouldn’t have a lot of repairs. You should carefully consider before purchasing. BTW Tom V. I have lots and lots of pictures of every phase of this house and its many flaws

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