They came to my door to sell me this crappy service. I was told it was easy to cancel, all I needed was to call 30 days in advance to cancel the month to month contract. After a few months I did just that since the service wasn’t any good and I was moving soon after. I spoke to someone and they told me that I had to fax them proof that I was moving. I told them to not come and render any services as there wouldn’t even be anyone living there. They continued with the services and now they have me in collections for over 300 dollars. They try to make it as hard as possible to cancel so that they can scam people out of their hard earned money. Do not use them as the bugs don’t go anywhere. After 3 months of using them I seen the larges spider I have ever seen in my life in my bedroom. They suck and they try to keep you stuck in contract terms that you do not sign for. Nothing on my contract said anything about how long I was forced to have them service me or that I had to show any proof if I was moving.

2724 Dorr Ave 101G Fairfax, Virginia United States of America


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