Complaint: It takes a special breed of person to string working people along and get them to agree to work for bargain basement prices only to screw them months later by offering them only a percentage of whats owed. But Home Star has seemed to put together a great team at doing just that. It starts in the beginning with a project manager who gets a commission based on how low they can get you to do the work, then ends months later with someone else seemingly getting a commission off how much less they can get you to settle for. If you’ve worked for them and they owe your company you have recieved or will recieved the call that ” we are prepared to pay you X amount of dollars now to settle this.”” “” so & so owes us $ _________ amount of dollars”” “” would you be willing to take ____________ $”” “” we can get you $_________ now but if you don’t take this I don’t know when you will be paid”” This all comes after months of getting dragged over the coals and worrying

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