I’m an investor in rental homes in the south east US. I found that the local “ugly houses”” people were unlike any other real estate professionals I’ve worked with. Others in this business have told me the same. One “”Ugly Houses”” agent tried to sell me a house that they did not own yet and that could not be connected to city services (I was not told that material fact). Others have the same business model – while in the closing process on a distressed home they begin advertising and trying to sell it for a tidy profit before closing on the property. I wonder if they do not sell it by closing

if they extend the closing date for a long time. That is possible in NC… When you add no value to a home

don’t even remove garbage from inside the home

then sell it at nice profit

you are little more than a parasite on our nations economy. I’m guessing that what they do is legal but I’m convinced it is predatory