Complaint: Hello dear readers, I have been searching online about some magical cure for illness and decided to give a try for this company called hootone remedies and the I contacted immediately the company by email and the guy promised me all his magical cure works and he posted in his website so many the so called awards and evidences and I paid online for two month supply for one of my relative to see whether it will work or not. The cost for one month supply was $100.00 and I paid $200.00 for two month supply and fortunately the guy who claimed to be doctor sent me the package and the package seems very well packed and every thing looks so great and my relative started to take the pills. Fortunately, the pills doesn’t make any side effect that is the good news but the bad news is none effect at all after two month when we contact the company he tried to make some confusion by sending so many research and article useless. Please be advised and away from this Indian company and save your bucks. They are a bunch of thieves.

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