Hoover, basically, sucks. We purchased a Hoover Cylonic 12 Amp vacuum ‘system’ from Home Depot in Feb of this year (2013) and it didn’t make it a month before it was blowing dirt all over the floor when you hooked up the attachments. So, after cleaning the floor, if you wanted to, say, use the furniture attachment, well, get read to re-vacuum the floor, because it would just be covered in dirt. And next? A horrible loud squeaking noise began to occur any time you used the vacuum. Yay! There is a warranty, so I finally got in touch with them and was given the run around. Basically, I can pay to have it fixed. Thanks! I knew we were in trouble, though, when we got the vac home and took it out of the box, only to notice a big sticker on the actual vacuum that states “Do NOT take this vacuum back to the store if there are any problems. Call this number.”” Gave me much faith. As it is now

I am going to sell it as is on Craigslist and purchase another brand. No more Hoover!”

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