Complaint: I placed an order with this so called business and after recieving my payment $469.00 and sending me an invoice they gave no tracking number.So I sent emails and tried to call but no answer or reply. Here are a copy of the conversation as it went: Me: Can I get a tracking # , Doug: Yes once you make the payment, Me:I did on Thursday where is my tracking # , Doug: Did you. What’s the number. Let me get you tracking. Send me order number. , Me: order # 5XX , Are you there Doug, ok either you have the tracking # and sent the order or you didn’t ???? ,Doug: You have been scammed. Don’t try contecting here or on phone no more or your regret , Me: No you are gonna regret it !!! Doug: Let me show you a trailer dear. Whole America gonna call you in about 10 minutes. And you don’t stay away from online blogs I’d list you as an escort and pimps gonna call you everyday, Me: I dont care who you have call Doug: I know you, your family., your parents and your neighbours. So shut the f*** up and stay low.Me: and !!!! Doug: I know lot of people in law enforcement. I can find out lot more about you than you ever imagine. Me: How is it you are gonna rip me off and then threaten me ! , Doug: Don’t ever but online its not Legal plus you’d be ripped off all the times.Me:What I did was legal you missrepersented your services and then robbed me! what you did wasn’t ! Doug: Call FBI and tell what you did and I did. Let’s see who they lock up first, Me: I know they will do something about the threats to cause bodily harm to me and my family. Doug: Try me and you will see I’LL KILL YOU B**** you don’t try to contecting here anymore…Good luck..

Tags: Pharmacies

Address: 510 Pea Ridge Rd ontario, Ontario Canada


Phone: 661-748-0240