Hope Financial is a unethical company that takes advantage of homeowners that are going into default or losing their home. Fabian Lun tells you that he can save your house, that he is a HUD agent working with these loan companies to do principal reductions and reduce your payment by $1000 or more. Fabian Lun stole thousands of dollars from me and others. nHe creates a fake company and has you pay a monthly payment( this is supposed to help relieve past due amounts) the certified bank check is really his friend’s name P.A DELOUTH, her name is Pamela Delouth. nAs I did my research he has done this to several other poor people that could barely afford a payment, some of them are on welfare, un-employment, and are hard working honest people. Hope Financial does not have an office or are authorize HUD agents and work out of a house in Carson. Please do not fall for this scam. Fabian Lun will tell you that you got approved for several months until they foreclose on you and then he will not return your phone calls. nPLEASE BE AWARE, CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPT OR DISTRICT ATTORNEY!

20109 Tillman Ave, Carson, California United States of America


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