Our lender did not get the 1800.00 and they should be stopped. What can we do to take action on this predatory travesty? We were seeking for a modification instead we got scammed. These people do not have a heart or fear God. It is sad to know that people make money off of the ones who are less fortunate. Mary Belton I plan to fight anyway I can!! In Oct. 2014, we were contacted by Charlene Ava regarding a home modification sponsored by Pres. Obama to help home owners keep their homes from foreclosue. Help us to modifiy by attaining a lower interest rate and payment. Needless to say we were contacted constantly to speed the process and that there was a trust fund to be established with three payments totaling 1800.00 we trusted to give for our lender. The lender sent proof that no money exchanged hand and no contact was made by HOPE for HOME. Please someone has to get the word out and we need to put these thieves out of business. Once they got the money they ceased all contact. Lied and hung up or placed us on hold when we tried to call them. Katy Lawrence, Cara Fertitta, Reese Carlisle and all those ripoff con artist need to serve time in jail. Mary, West Columbia , SC

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