Hopebridge is an Indiana-based center that treats autistic children. They are supposed to help control the behaviors and replace them with more manageable behaviors. If the children become too difficult for them to handle, they simply discharge them and replace them with a new client. I can count 5 off the top of my head that this has happened to. It is all about money with them, not the children. Isn’t that what that place is supposed to be for, to help with behaviors? Once you get thrown out, don’t ever expect to get back in. They will procrastinate until you give up and go someplace else. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anybody. You don’t want to work for them either. Just look at the turnaround there. Does that tell you anything? There are other centers that are better than Hopebridge. Please be aware of them! Hopebridge is trying to try to keep us silent but it won’t happen. Word is getting around.

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