Complaint: I went in to the Hot Head Burritos on Brown Street near UD to pick up a delivery order for one of the delivery apps. They have a tablet that displays the order as well as shows a picture of the delivery driver. The assistant manager was standing by the cash register and asked if I was there for a pickup. I stated yes, and she (it might have been a he) asked to see my phone, which I had left in the car. I appologized and went to my car and got my smartphone to show her the order. I go back to the cash register, and at this point a few customers had arrived. She didn’t even look at my smart phone screen when I came back in and told me “we havn’t started your order yet””. Ok? So I decide to sit in the dining room and wait

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: which gave me a birds eye view of the entire food prep line. I observed some of the most passive aggressive behavior coming from the assistant manager

Website: there seemed to be some personal vedetta that she had against me. I patiently waited 20 minutes

Phone: than I have ever seen from a food service worker. And