I called to have them hold a room for me. I told them upfront that we may not want the room, but I just wanted them to HOLD if for me using my credit card. After we talked a few minutes she asked for my credit card number. Again, I told her I didn’t want to pay for the room, I just wanted her to HOLD if for me. She said that’s all I was doing. After she took my card number she started to read a disclosure that said I would be charged the fee for the room if I cancelled. I told her that’s not what I agreed to and asked why she didn’t hold the room. She said “we’re a prepaid company”” and then said she would “”try”” to cancel and get my money back. She asked to put me on hold and then transferred me through to the phone number again! I called back and talked to some valley girl who kept saying “”we’re a prepaid company”” and asked why I didn’t read their disclosure BEFORE I looked up a hotel room. WTF? I politely reminded her again that I told the woman before that I only wanted to HOLD the room. She kept saying that “”we’re a prepaid company”” and said I couldn’t cancel without paying the fee. I told her again that I wasn’t told that upfront and I simply wanted to cancel

get a refund and never deal with them again. ALL I WANTED WAS FOR THEM TO HOLD THE ROOM! I finally asked for her supervisor and she transferred me to another valley girl who was an idiot. I explained again that I just did this five minutes ago and I told her to HOLD the room and not charge my card. I told her that AFTER she charged my card after agreeing to HOLD the room she told me I would have to pay the entire fee for cancelling. She was very dense and kept repeating “”we’re a prepaid company””. Finally she freaked out and agreed to give me a refund as a one time courtesy. I still haven’t seen the refund and I’ll likely have to dispute the charges through VISA to get my money back. Be very careful when dealing with this company. They are crooks and fools who are out to get your money! Check with the hotel and ask them if they’ll match the price on hotels.com. Even if they just come off the price a little

it’s worth paying more so you don’t have to deal with these morons! Beware

they’re crooks!”

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