This has happened to me TWICE and that is why I am filing this report. The first time I got a confirmed booking, we paid in advance to make sure that the hotel would keep our room because we were checking . When we reached the hotel, they had already removed our confirmed reservation and they had no rooms left. I waited OVER 45 minutes for customer service. When I finally got through, they were of NO HELP. rep said that there was nothing else they could do and to talk to the hotel directly. The second time was more annoying. From last time’s experience, I chose to pay on check in. When I reached the hotel, they said they had NO record of my confirmed reservation, even though I showed them the confirmed reservation email on my phone. I waited OVER 45 minutes for customer service at, and it was EXACTLY the same. NO help. When sent me their automated survey, I made my feelings very plain but not obscene or abusive. replied by stating they will not feature my review because it cast them in a bad light! I hope this is helpful to anyone who tries to use My advice: use to see what hotels and prices are available, THEN CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY and BOOK DIRECTLY. DO NOT PREPAY HOTELS.COM, they are absolutely useless when it comes to these situations.

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