is fruading customers by displaying one price and charging your account a higher price I went to this website to get a hotel for one night at the Embassy Suites hotel Temecula. gave the price of eighty something dollars. With taxes, the total came up to $94.72. I checked my bank account and come to find out, charged my account of $156.86. They over charged my account by $62.26. I called 1-800-246-8957, which was displayed on the web page and I spoke to customer service and they said that price was in Britian Pounds and in U.S. currency the actual price is $156.86. I told them it was written in the Enlgish language of $94.72 and my money need to be put back into my account. The supervisor said it was nothing they could do about it. So now I am pursuing this to get my money back and to make everyone a where of this fruad that is taking place through Also if the Embassy Suites hotel Temecula is a where and allowing this, they also are just as wrong. If they are not a where of this, then they need to discountinue any contract with them.

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