I feel cheated by Hotels.com and wanted to make sure everyone knows how big liars they are. At the time of booking a hotel for 5 nights in Denver, the agent told me that I will get an Amazon Kindle if I book this hotel. After coming home nothing happened for 1 month. So I called back on Aug 15. The agent told me that HOTELS.COM made a mistake and can not give me a kindle any more. All she can do is give me a credit card refund for $39 or give me some credit for my next booking. She will not give me a refund on my credit card so I can buy it on my own. Offering $39 instead of Kindle is ridiculus. Offering a credit for next booking is OK, but I dont travel a lot and dont know when my next trip would be. So I have to wait for 6-10 months before I make my next travel plans. And I dont even know if they will give me a credit, since they didnt give me any confirmation number or send me an email. I have booked a lot of hotels with them, but after all these years I feel cheated. I promise to take my business elsewhere. NEVER TRUST THEM. BIG LIARS!!!!!

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