I made a hotel reservation with Hoteltravel.com for my stay in Rabat, Morocco for nine nights and was charged $881 (booking id# 2696406) at Helnan Chella Hotel. I cancelled my booking 48 hours before departure. I was denied refund because it was less than 72 hours before departure according to the hotel’s policy. The booking was made by their agent Miki Travel Limited and their address is London Vintners’ Place, 68 Upper Thames street , London EC4V 3BJ UK. Onnarrival to the said hotel, they informed me that neither reservation or cancellation was done by them and they are not on hold of any funds and I need to contact the agent. I complained to Hoteltravel.com through their customer service but I am getting an auto message that they will reply back soon, but no reply. I feel I was ripped off.

London Vintners’ Place, 68 Upper Thames street , L Internet United States of America



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