When booking a hotel on hotwire, I confirmed the date, price, location, and star rating were correct for my booking. After hitting the confirm button, the date and location were correct, but the star rating was higher and I was charged more than $200 above what I had authorized. I immediately began my weeks of perpetual disappointment in dealing with Hotwire’s customer service department. During my first phone call… the girl just kept repeating that they don’t give refunds. I wasn’t asking for one, but for my reservation and amount charged to be accurate to what I had requested/authorized. After requesting transfer to a manager at least 6 times, I had to ask if they were “refusing to transfer me to a manager””. They said no

and after continued delay I was finally transferred after almost an hour on the phone. The manager asked me to take screen shots of the booking information by hitting my browsers back button. Fortunately

I still had this up. I took the screen shot showing the amount I authorized

and faxed it in the next morning as requested. I was told it would take about 10 days to process this dispute. 19 days later there is still no resolution. I’ve called multiple times since to find out the status. Twice with my credit card company on the line. Nothing. Tonight

I am told that the fax they received 19 days ago was unable to be read clearly enough. I was asked if I could please re-fax that. Seriously! I’ve been on the phone with their company for over 3 hours during this period