Hello my name is Mahamed Hassan and I am writing in regards to a fraudulent charge to my credit card made by Hotwire.com. I tried to make a purchase of a hotel room using your online site on Saturday may 21. the reservation did not go through and I was receiving a error message so I called into the customer service department and they told me I needed to call a 415 number regarding fraud department saying my card has been blocked from making purchases. On Tuesday may 24 I seen on my account that I was charged for the amount of 144.00 3 times by Hotwire. I decided to call in and find out what happened and get my money back and it was here I received the worst service of my entire life. I was hung up on over 5 times and I was told they couldn’t do anything for me by numerous people and transferred back into the que by being told lies about how I was going to be transferred to the right department. I have never had this much hassle for an error that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their system and customer service reps inexperience in regards to how to handle situations. I am extremely disappointed and hurt at the fact I had to spend my entire day trying to figure this out and still have not got to a solution. I am writing this in the hopes that this will reach someone who can understand my pain and offer help. Thank you for your time reading this

Internet USA