Notified Hotwire immediately of unauthorized transactions on my credit card the same morning it occurred. The representative stated they would investigate but assured me it would be refunded back. Explained the situation, that I had paid for my friends room with my credit card and the CSR told me she had to make a copy of my card because it was hotel policy, and that she must have made those unauthorized transactions. Advised the Hotwire rep that I had already notified my credit card company and the GM of the hotel and the Sheriffs office. The hotwire rep stated she would definitely prosecute at their end but assured me they would refund the money back and felt sorry for me. The following day, one of the smaller transactions was refunded back. Then on the third day on checked my account and found the two larger transactions posted and finalized. I called howire back only to find out from the hotwire rep that the risk mgmt team made a decision that the transactions are good and finalized them and will not do anything further and for me to continue with my credit card company. When I asked to speak with them directly I was advised that they do not speak with anyone and that once the decision has been made you have to deal with your credit card company from that point on. I questioned them as to what proof do they have that this was a “good”” transaction since the person who did make the transaction was arrested and sitting in jail

and they had no reply. Just advised me again to take it up with my credit card company. Definitely don’t do business with them again. Their motto is then

you can use anyone’s credit card

charge up a large sum and you will get away with it because you cannot dispute any charges as they will not do anything about it.”

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