On January 15th, I ordered a white Mori Lee wedding gown with claret (red) trim from the House of Brides in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. SIX weeks later, March 1, 2007,I received a phone call from the store informing me that my dress was not available in pearl and claret, and that they were unable to fulfill their requirements of the contract. nI specifically asked Sarah, the associate assisting me, if the dress came in claret and WHITE and she stated that it did. The receipt and contract specifically notes that the dress was ordered in white and red trim. My friend was with me when I spoke with Sarah regarding this. nThis was highly unacceptable! I requested to speak with the store manager, Mrs. Beah. I informed her that she should take responsibility for her mistake and that her sales associates should have been aware of the colors of the products. nI offered Mrs. Beah half of what I paid for the dress, which was already paid in full. She refused to accept that offer even though she caused me over $2,000 of wedding necessities that had already been purchased. nAll I requested was that the House of Brides meet me half way by giving me the dress for at least 50% off what I paid. I thought this was a pretty good offer, considering the fact that they made the mistake! nMrs. Beah was not resolving the issue and she repeatedly refused to allow us to speak with a district manager. She then stated that she is the ranking authority for House of Brides and we could only try to speak with customer service. She was being very rude during the entire conversation and it was highly upsetting. nThe next day I contacted the Customer Service Department who refused to even listen to me. They informed me that the store was their own entity and that they only assisted with Internet orders. nA couple of hours later, I received a call from the House of Brides Customer Service Department. The representative informed me that my order had been cancelled and that a refund had been processed on my account. This shocked me because I had not requested that my order be cancelled. nI asked the representatives who initiated the refund and cancellation. She stated that Mrs. Beah had initiated this request. I was furious!!! I don’t understand how someone can just call and cancel my order without my approval. The lady I spoke with informed me that she wasn’t going to call me, but she thought that I would like to know. nNow, not only do I have to purchase all new flowers, and a new flower girl dress, but I also have to find a NEW WEDDING DRESS! Most bridal shops require 6 months advance purchase for a wedding gown. Seeing as my wedding is in August, this should be a challenging task. nPlease stop the unfair business practices occurring at the House of Brides in Glen Ellyn, Illinois!! nBethnArlington Heights, IllinoisU.S.A.

1184 Roosevelt Road Glen Ellyn, Illinois U.S.A.

630-629 4040

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