Complaint: Marilyn Jean Glover is a rip off artist/scammer and her cattery is to be avoided. I had orginally contacted her to put my name on a list for a Burmese kitten. marilyn was lovely and responsive and assured me that I woudl be able to get a kitten before the end of 2017 and all I had to do was pay a down payment. I sent her $350 and waited. By November I sent her an email asking if my kitten had been born yet. She did not respond. I waited a week and sent another email and she responded IN ALL CAPS that she was in hospital after a wreck. Initially I felt bad until I read more reviews where she claimed the same excuse to other buyers. I contacted her again and asked for an update on a kitten. She said there were no expectant mothers but I could have an older kitten that somebody did not want. I asked for my money back. At this point she became hostile and claimed she had no money because of her car accident, a hurricane and a tornado!! After more research I found that she has also knowingly bred kittens with FIP!! She also owes a lot of people money. I know I won’t get my deposit back because I sent her a check that was cashed. An expensive lesson with this horrible human. Avoid at all costs.

Tags: Pet breeder

Address: Rockwall, Texas United States


Phone: 972-832-3986