My wife and I ordered a home inspection from HouseMaster, and asked that they check specific issues before we bought the home. The issues were not inspected thoroughly by the inspector, Gene McCubbin, which is proven by the fact that I asked for the roof over the living room to be checked, and it was not. The roof over the living room of the house is so soft that it cannot be walked on, and that was issue one. The second issue was the floor near the restroom, and the inspector never mentioned a gaping hole in the floor, which was easily visible from the crawl space opening. We bought the house based on the report from House Master, and now we are looking at thousands of dollars worth of repairs just to make it safe to live in. My wife and i bought the place, and two days later we have found major water damage, a hole in the floor, and the roof is as soft as butter. If he had done any inspecting at all, he would have found these things. The seller lied, their agent backed up his word because they are neighbors, and the inspector, Gene McCubbin, failed miserably. When I left a message with HouseMaster about the issue, I was contacted by the manager, and told that I have no recourse in the matter, or any chance of remuneration for their failures which has cost me and my wife our life savings. He told me if I take them to court, they “will crush us””

and I will have to pay their court costs. Buyer beware!”

3030 S Rural Rd #109 Tempe, Arizona USA