I paid to have an ad for my listing to be put on Houses.com and it said it would take 3 hours to post. It did not post in 3 hours. Their agent sent me a preview link which was not working in their site but it said condo.com and not houses.com which I put the HOUSE I listed at. I also added the home had a pool, yet that never populated with their search feature for pools so buyers would not sift through over 400 listings if they wanted a home with a pool. All I got was an “Im sorry its not working”. It took them nearly 3 DAYS to post this to their website and I told them to refund my money and remove my listing immediatly. The manager proceeded to say they did everything right and nothing wrong, yet it first went to Condo.com instead of houses.com, 2nd it took 3 days to post AND they have an IDX feed from the MLS that feeds directly into their site so the listing shows up in their system FOR FREE!! The pool search feature has not worked and does not work for the house. They did NOTHING right. So I basicly paid for them to rip me off. I was told it would take 7-10 business days for my refund it has been 8 and nothing returned. I told them MULTIPLE times to remove my listing and it took them several days to do that. I had an associate of mine put my listing under her name in the MLS to see what would happen and sure enough it showed up on Houses.com from the IDX feed FOR FREE!! This company is a joke. The search icons dont work, they charge to post your listings YET they get the feed from the IDX which is FREE so there is no point in paying for a sight that feeds the IDX into it for free. If they didnt do that like some sites wont feed from the IDX, then if you want it on their site you pay and that is ok but not this one. A total rip off and scam in my opinion and experiance .