Complaint: Just when you were starting to get over the fact that Rudy Montiel used FEDERAL TAX MONEY to buy the security guard captain Scott Butler a high performance sports car, Butler does it AGAIN! Last week, a woman tried to sneak a loaded gun through the metal detector in the lobby of 2600. The guards in the lobby actually did their jobs and grabbed her before she had a chance to get upstairs and start shooting. Now for what Butler did. Remember people, Butler CLAIMS to be a former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy (LASD) but don’t believe it for one single minute. He is the DUMBEST thing on two legs. When the guards called Butler and told them they had her in custody, Butler ORDERED the guards to give her back her gun AND bullets! Can you believe that SH*T??? Now for the good part – After she drove off in her car they found out she had just gotten out of State Prison and was on PAROLE! When Rudy Montiel (Executive Director), Sanford Riggs (3rd in Command) and Ken Simmons (cross dressing transvestite 2nd in Command) found out what did they do? NOT A GODD*MNED THING! They acted like it was no big deal! Why the h*ll do we have metal detectors and a full staff of security guards in the lobby if they just give loaded guns to felons??? When Butler gets someone killed because of his STUPIDITY I hope they FIRE Rudy, Kinky Ken and Sanford Riggs for allowing it to happen!

Tags: Police

Address: 2600 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, California United States of America