CAUTION!! If you insurance carrier or workman’s comp company sends you to see “Dr.”” Larry Likeover for their second opinion

call a attorney before you go. nMr. Likeover is well known to dictate 4 page letters off of 30 second office visits to return people back to work

weather you are fit to go or not! Before I saw this person I was instructed to go by and pick up my MRI’s for both my knee and back. nI thought I had. Mr. Likeover “”looked”” at the MRI’s

had me lay on my back

he shoved my bad knee up injuring my back worse than it was before I arrived. He then took my shoes off and threw them in a corner and told me to walk. nI was crying from the pain and could only take 3 or 4 steps without holding onto the wall. He told me to put my shoes on and leave. He or his staff wouldn’t help me retrieve my shoes or put them back on