Complaint: 6-20-09 a guy comes to the door with boxes of meats for sale. Being a family of serious steak eaters we decided to hear him out. Though it seemed high priced, the product was talked up quite a bit and my wife and I decided to give it a try. We cooked the steak just hours after he had left and the quality was less than alright. We buy steaks at walmart that were on the special priced stacks that had more flavor in it than these particular ribeyes. I still have the after taste of plastic in my mouth! Calling them only gets you an automated lady that says the voicemail has not been set up yet. Therefore, our only choice is to put a stop payment on the check and leave the rest for them to pick up. Besides, they “guarantee”” thier product 100%. If you ever get this guy knocking at your door please feel free to close it in his face. Also

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: if this is how their “”new management”” (as stated in a rebuttal on other Ripoff Scamss) runs things I’d hate to see what the previous victims that reportered had ended up with. (The steak brand is also still Midwestern Brand) Tyler Waco

Website: 281-2275800

Phone: TexasU.S.A.”