I contacted kasey through his Craigslist Posting for a Timeshare Rental in Key West Florida. He claimed to have a 2 Bed room avilable for the Dates we needed. After doing some research to try to be sure I was dealing with a legitimate site, I contacted him again. we had more than one conversation before he was able to gain my trust. Once that happened, He directed me to a second Website to view the Rental Agreement Process. When we got to the payment options he had some very good reasons for using Prepaid Credit Card Gift Cards for payment. This guy is a very good talker that knows how to manipulate people. He even has you sign with electronic signature. Confirmation for the Rooms were supposed to be emailed back to me within 3 to 4 days. After the conformations did not arrive, I was able to make contact a few more times. Each time he had another excuse and assured me they would be comming. I never received conformation or my money back. Then last Friday his websites shut down and he quit answering the phone. Anybody who has been taken by this guy needs to report it. Any relating report could be the one that helps put this JERK away. He has obviously been doing this for a while. He needs to be caught and prosecuted.

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