Complaint: Attention Lawyers: HP Smartfriend Services has been running a nationwide scam on consumers who try to cancel its service, which the company bills individuals $14.99 per month through automatic billing of individuals bank accounts. There is a real and immediate need for a lawyer or law firm to take on this behemoth in a class action lawsuit. If any lawyer or law firm is interested, please contact me through I will be glad to spell it all out for you or your representatives. Attention Consumers: I recommend never, ever, signing up for this service. Not only is HP Smartfriend Service and its employees unprofessional and incompetent… they are unscrupulous. When attempting to cancel my service, because of ineffectiveness, they refused to give me a cancellation number nor would the individual with whom I was speaking identify himself. That said, they continued automatically bill my account fruadulently until I finally placed a stop-payment through my bank. Don’t fall for their scam. They will not help fix your computer, and may even render it unusable, as they did my computer. P.S. I am a retired national-award-winning business journalist with more than 20 years of experience. I will be contacting my friend at the WSJ, encouraging him to pursue this as national a news story.

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