Complaint: I have been living at the Westbury apartment building on Sycamore in Hollywood for a long time. Katherine LaRonde is a con artist and I’m not surprised at all to find her personally named in a lot of these complaints. She never picks up the phone, doesn’t return calls, isn’t in the office often during her “office hours””. More than that though

Tags: Homeowner Associations

Address: she does try to make up fees

Website: 1765 N Sycamore Ave hollywood, California USA

Phone: different rents are charged for the same units to different people and the laundry card situation is the absolute worst! Laundry cards cost $20 plus a $10 deposit per card. She’ll only take cash for it and since she’s never in the office and won’t return your calls the only way to get one is to drop an envelope in the door with cash and your old card. It usually takes more than two weeks to get a new card in your mailboz after you do that except for the times when she pockets the money and then refuses to admit you gave her money or tell you that your card must’ve gotten lost in your mail and refuses to give you another one unelss you pay yet another deposit and another $20. She has done this to me twice already!!!! That’s $60!!! for LAUNDRY! It’s a scam and she’s a theif! Don’t move in here and if you do