First , This is my first direct purchase from Alex, HRH collection . I have other pieces much older from ebay . Second I was once a follower of her Youtube also instrgram . Basically I bought three bracelets from her site . She talks about how she handmakes each piece and how much she cares about quailty and wants to produce an amazing quailty product . This is all crap , once you send the money expect to wait at least 2-5 weeks for her to ship your items , so much crap like she only ships on friday , blah blah . I waited 18 days to recive my products and we live in same city . Ok on to the main point . The products all were obviously worn . She sent me USED bracelets . The links are coming off , its unwearable , painful on the wrist , damages my skin . Full of scratches . What a sham , then The clasp fell off . This is crazy no way i can keep this . So i sent her an email and she was like oh well nobody complains . SERIOSULY THIS IS HER RESPONSE . EVEN THOUGH I SENT HER 8 PICTURES OF THE PRODUCTS ALL SCRATCHED AND DAMAGED . THE CLASP FELL OFF . ECT . So then she is like how about we exchange ? Lol no thanks I sent the info to paypal . Then she started getting an worried oh please dont open a case its bad for me ! Well you Taking my 95 dollars and sending me broken crap is BAD FOR ME . I totally lost all faith in this lady and her cheap used brass filled crappy stuff. SENT THE USED STUFF BACK . She obviously got it already but still hasnt let paypal know . WHAT A WASTE OF TIME . I WOULD NEVER DEAL WITH SUCH A EGO . I HOPE YOU ALL AVOID HRH .

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