Complaint: HUGES NET salesmen will say & tell you anything , annnyyything , majority of what they say are lies , they will step on a previous salescheat to get the sale for themselves . At signup I was told I had 30 days to see if I liked huges net , saying it would be fast & better than what I had , NOT TRUE , no difference at all eccept the price and I have land line service , huges net is higher ,, if not happy with the service full refund . Upon canceling the person tryed 5 different times to get me to stay offering discounts , finally after 5 times of me saying no thanks just want to stop because the service was no faster he finally said he would cancel but I would only get $18 back , NOT what the salecheat told me . He refused to get a supervisor for me after 5 requests & said hugesnet would pro rate my refund AFTER giving him my email address so he could cancel my service , at which time I would be giving my consent to accept the $18 refund , BS , so hugesnet has a canceltion dept. but they dont have thier customers email address ??? DO NOT TRUST HUGES NET , no matter how bad your curent service is you WILL be RIPPED OFF ifn you use these thieves . Plus the cable leading to my house was not even buryed , it was left laying on top of the ground ! The “cancelation dept.”” is not in county. Dont inquire about huges net

Tags: Internet Service Providers

Address: dont call just to find out

Website: beware .”

Phone: dont listen to the pretty commercials on TV