Complaint: I just want out- I really am starting to hate this company so much–please pick up your stuff and reimburse me–I have never spent so much time writing complaints about any thing or any company in my life before–and I dont want to spend my time that way–So I cant count on streaming music, I cant watch more than 3 programs on tv- I cant read my kindle–um Im sorry did I sign up for an internet that just let me read my email? Why didnt you just let me know? I wouldnt have wasted my time or yours—- doesnt matter that I immediately upgraded to your most premium package of $129.99 (plus having to buy extra time probably every day or more if I was actually home all day)….because my premium package was already finished within two days of the month!Theres got to be something better and I am going to look for it–so I have already complained twice and Ive only had the service for a month –and I would have complained earlier if I had known that a company like yours would throttle any attempt for me to go on the internet watch a movie listen to music–God knows I made the worst mistqke downloading music on my phone–I should have gone somewhere else and done it–not my own house– and if that isnt the most ridiculous thing…so lets just stop — I cant deal with you making things work the next day after I complain and then boom all over again–this is not right–the whole set up is justy all wrong- and I just want out–

Tags: Internet Service Providers

Address: Internet USA