This is the report I filed about Humera Khawaja on Zillow: | Humera represented us when we re-located and needed an executive lease for a few years and she did well in helping us find a home – she was our agent of record. Unfortunately, she was also the agent of record for the landlord and a personal friend. After three years of paying rent early the landlord decided she wanted her cake and to eat it too. As we were moving 60 days before the culmination of the lease, but fully paid, she thought she could show the property early and thus have double the rent for 60 days. Humera, having represented us and the lessor, knew the lease dates and knew we were tenants until 8/31/2015. This did not stop her from giving us an eleven (11) minute notice to show the home. She then was disgusted with my tone as I corrected her. An eleven minute notice to show the home is both discourteous and unprofessional. | She acted like it was my fault! She is highly unprofessional and I would recomme

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Humera Khawaja