Complaint: As a customer I can vouch for the poor customer service. I am sure Tony will bring my claim of being a customer into question by requesting for proof of purchase and I can be helpful by providing that. I am part of a Mechanical Engineering Senior Design group at a University. We ordered one of the PMA generators over 4 weeks ago. We were understanding when he proclaimed there would be some delays caused by tornado damage and some personal matters. He told us that the motor would normally ship out after 3 to 5 days, but right now would take a week to ship out. We thought a week would be just fine and would keep us on schedule for prototyping. This began an onslaught of issues: -When ordering online there is no email confirmation to confirm your purchase. -His voicemail was full and he ignored emails. -After 3 weeks we still had received no proof of purchase even though the credit card had already been charged.He finally answered his phone and immediately recognized us by our emails we sent. He told us he was having trouble with his PDF software and that he would work on getting us an invoice. He also promised the motor should be shipped out in a week. – Almost a week later we received an invoice. I might add there was a mistake on the invoice involving a calculation error. He charged us the correct amount, but added the total incorrectly on the invoice. Not a big deal, but makes for confusion when submitting the invoice to the accounting department. – We still have not received a motor or any word of its progress 4 days after seeing the invoice. We are trying to contact him with no success. Overall, we made a mistake ordering this motor. We could have finished our entire prototype this semester if it wasn’t for absence of the motor. We were told twice to expect the motor to be shipped in a week over the last 4.5 weeks. We still have not heard any notices about it being shipped. Tony: I know you are quick about responding to poor reviews, so please respond to this with your usual responses pertaining to my existence as an “opposing wind generator company trying to manufacture false information”” and while you are at it

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Address: send an email within the next two days to any and all email addresses you have pertaining to my party with an exact date of shipping. If we do not hear from you within that time we will be recalling all funds sent to you. Respectfully

Website: striking the curb several times. 8:45am- He enters the building carrying a cup he claims is “”coffee””

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75004,HACLA,,City Employees,Federal Prison Maryland,Our crooked mayor Antonio “”Vilar”” Villagagrosa appointed Doug Guthrie to replace Good Bootie Rudy Montiel and his henchman “”Kinky”” Ken Simmons as the CEO of a sinking ship called HACLA. What has Guthrie done since he got here? Other than stinking up the lobby with his horrible body odor and the unmistakable stench of cheap booze and sweat every morning when he arrives to work – not much! He still has Kinky Ken in charge. He never even asked Kenny Boy to return the $100