On October 4th, 2014 I took a group to Hustler Hollywood in Fort Lauderdale. We were there for a special event I coordinated with Hustller Hollywood. The event was a free party in the store only for my group. The details included free snacks, wine, free gift bags, and 20% off all merchandise purchased after the party. Plus, Hustler Hollywood promised a $100 gift card giveway. However, the $100 gift card was never produced by Hustler. I intended on inquiring about this before the third and final party scheduled on Nov. 8. However, Hustler Hollywood abruptly canceled this previously agreed upon Nov. 8 party. I had told a large group of people of the final party weeks in advance. So not only did Hustler not fulfill the $100 gift card promise, but they also backed out of a previously scheduled agreement. I have been negatively affected by this. My image and integrity, as viewed by my group, have been tarnished due to Hustler Hollywood’s actions. I have several emails from the Hustler Hollywood corporate marketing manager in Beverly Hills. Our agreement concerning the special event details are there in black and white. Even though the party was free, I feel hustled by Hustler. I was the one coordinating and brought the group of people to their store.

1500 E. Sunrise Blvd. For Lauderdale, Florida USA

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