Hustler Mowers have poorly engineered deck systems. The system used to raise the deck is the weak link. I’ve owned my nearly $5,000 Raptor SD for over a year. It has less than 25 hours on the unit and has been in the shop twice. I have been ignored. There is no phone number for support Only a contact page on their website. After tracking down the parent company, Excel Industries in Kansas, I was dismissed, insulted and left out to dry. Their warranty is a joke. It has been made abundantly clear they have no interest in customer service or standing behind their flawed products. The local warranty provider insulted myself and my wife repeatedly after receiving my unit. We have not had the use of our mower for nearly a month and have been lied to twice weekly throughout. The Hustler parent company refuses to pay for the repairs clearly covered by their own warranty documents. The dealer is fully supported by these crooks and is now holding our mower for ransom with an exorbitant bill that will not be covered by the scam warranty. A Hustler mower has been proven to us to be a waste of money. When it does work it doesn’t work well. The hydronic drive system is uneven from side to side on the zero turn. The deck suspension is a terrible design and constantly comes lose costing you all height control while mowing. The gearing does not provide adequate rpm or power for a full cut of 6″ tall grass without leaving strips down the middle of uncut grass. The durability is obviously non existent and will not be supported by the manufacturer when

not if

you have major problems with the unit.”

Nationwide USA