We recently moved into a 50 year old house and a valve started to leak. We called HWA and a plumber came 3 days later – it wasn’t an emergency, so no big deal. The plumber shows up, confirms the leak, and when he calls into to get approval to cover it he ssays it may have been over tightened. The immediately refuse to repair it. The valve is 50 years old. How do you determine it’s been over tightened just by looking at it? It failed and is leaking. To refuse to repair something that is clearly broken and part of the covered warranty is a scam. Plain and simple. If my oven breaks because we use it a lot, will they cover it? If a light switch breaks because we turned it on and off for 50 years, did we use it too much? Don’t waste your time or money on this service. If someone tries to offer it as part of a home sale – you’re better off asking for $300. It’s less than half of what this warranty costs the seller and at least you will get one quick repair out of it.

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