The new Pharmacy at HyVee, Windom, Minnesota, has a Pharmacy Technician thief named Jane M. Tilton. This pharmacy technician thief stole some of my pain medication drugs, and got away with it. This so-called “Technician” is a thief, and should be suspended from having a license to practice from the State of Minnesota. However, this drug thief beat the system by adding plain looking pills to the pharmacy’s in house supply room. When this pharmacy technician was reported to the Pharmacy Board at Minnesota, she was “covered up” by a criminal supervisor at the Shopko Pharmacy in Windom, Minnesota, where she was working at during the time she was stealing drugs. | If you choose to utilize this new Pharmacy at HyVee in Windom, Minnesota, be aware that this Pharmacy Technician named Jane M. Tilton is now working at that new location! Make sure you, or someone you are with is there to count any pain medications before you leave the Pharmacy! If you do not receive the correct amount of medications, keep the contain in your possession, and call the Windom Police right away to report this drug thief! By doing so, you can make sure that this drug thief will be caught red-handed! Again, make sure to not leave the Pharmacy at HyVee, Windom, Minnesota, with your container of pain medications. | This way, the dishonest Pharmacy employees will be forced to answer to the Police for stealing your controlled substance medications!

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