I was searching for the limited edition ombré hydro flasks since they are out of stock everywhere, and some website listed in a Google ad directed me towards what I thought was hydro flask’s website. It said hydroflask3.com, but I thought when you own a domain name you own all versions of it, so I wasn’t alarmed. Apparently not. Anyway, I ordered a bottle and received an email that the amount on the order would be slightly higher due to some sort of international currency fee, which didn’t make sense since hydro flask is a US company. So 42 instead of 38. My husband was alerted by Citi that something was going on with the card, so as soon as it posts, he will have them dispute it. It has been 2 days, and it hasn’t posted yet. I emailed them to cancel the order, and over a long email chain, they told me that even though it says "free returns" on the website, there would be a 15 to 30% international commission fee of some kind that would be deducted from my refund. Needless to say, we’ll be forwarding that email chain to Citi.