Two days before Christmas I cancelled my account with Hydroderm, however the product was still shipped and my check card charged $56.00. When I contacted their customer service dept I was told that the item had been shipped prior to my cancelling the account, which was not true as the shipping time was after the cancellation time. nThey were rude, and refused to credit my account until after the product was returned. I shipped the package, and delivery confirmation was received from the US Postal Service, however when I called Hydroderm in reference to the return ( one week after the confirmed delivery date) they would give me no information, refused to let me speak to someone in the returns dept to confirm that it had been received, and informed me that all the supervisors/managers were in a meeting until an unknown time. nThey are one of these internet companies who e-mail consumers and offer them special “trial”” offers

but they are criminals!!! Buyers beware!!!! nThe web address for Hydroderm is: nChristinanAlbuquerque

New MexicoU.S.A.”

11240 Playa CT Culver City, California U.S.A.