Complaint: Please do not be fooled by these ladies. Patricia Sullivan and Sharon Denise Johnson approached me at a business meeting and the lies began. I am so shocked to learned the many others they have scam as well. These reports are True and not one is Fasle. My story is so similar. They showed me all these photos with celebrities and even told me they have a contract with Tyler Perry which were all lies! They took $15K from my company which my partner begged me not to trust those scammers but I didn’t listen. They are scammers and if any one knows how I can serve these ladies please post. They are hiding out in Columbia, NC. My investigator is watching her house and Sharon is hiding out with her daughter. Please help me get my money back. These are NOT false statements. My attorney found out that Patricia has filed bankruptcy twice and house was in foreclosure and taxes were behind. These ladies are the worth.

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Address: 562 Adeline Court Simpsonville, South Carolina USA